Collection: Roskilde

Roskilde posters - photos from Roskilde city.

It is no secret that I have a special fondness for Roskilde. I have lived in the city for many years and see it in many ways as my hometown.

Roskilde is one of Denmark's oldest cities and offers beautiful architecture and historical landmarks - including Roskilde Cathedral and many streets and alleys. Posters from Roskilde have a very special meaning for me, as it gives me the opportunity to pay tribute to the city I love so much.

Roskilde city has also expanded in recent years with many exciting areas, including the district of Musicon which houses Denmark's finest rock museum Ragnarock Roskilde. Musicon Roskilde is undoubtedly worth a visit to everyone who stops by. And yes, their selection of street food and coffee places is definitely recommended.