Collection: Architecture

Architecture posters - different architecture and architectural motifs.

Architecture offers many things - both lines, reflections, colors and, not least, history. Denmark is full of historic architecture and landmarks, which we must not only protect, but certainly also pay tribute to as much as we can. Architecture posters take photographic art and bring it into the home with motifs that can be anything from visually beautiful, charming, colorful or something completely different.

Posters with architecture and city posters in general can complement a sea of different types of decor, where there is room for art on the walls, which with photography and all the technical behind it, is allowed to lift the atmosphere and aura of a room .

Many iconic buildings and structures in Denmark are often photographed a lot, and many of the pictures you see of them can tend to look similar. I especially try to both focus on the landmarks that are not always highlighted, but also to experiment with angles and editing, which gives a new and fresh perspective.

The style of architecture posters also makes it obvious to collect several posters in different sizes for a picture wall, which gives exactly the whole you are looking for. Both in color and black and white, these motifs can give a modern and stylish atmosphere - only the imagination sets the limits.